So, it’s been a while

This was an experiment in 2007 to see what a blog might look like.  Four years later, it’s still there.  I’m still here.  The concrete drain has been professionally unblocked, and saw us through a major flood.  My neighbour grew her hair again, and moved out, and new neighbours moved in.  They gave the crepe myrtle a hard prune and pulled out all the other trees, and bought a puppy. The crepe myrtle grew back, and the puppy grew up. I cut out the wisteria, right down to a stump, and it came back, but in revenge is refusing to flower again. Transplanted blue salvia seedlings are now everywhere, full of memory.

In October 2008 my mum died suddenly, and the buddleia I planted so that it would be outside her bedroom window flowers and flowers. Her furniture arrived by ship without her. On her last visit to us in the sunny winter of 2008, she said as she was planting out a small bed of sea pinks: “You know, you’re really good at making compost.”

The way I see it, compost is patient. It’s good at waiting for us to come back. So it seems like time to turn the heap, and start again.


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