Soaked ground

It’s been raining for days, really bucketing.

The north of the state is flooded, but down here it’s simply sodden.  The lawn looks green and dry but when you walk on it, it’s saturated. The dip under the fence where the orange dog lies and watches me hang out washing is a small pool, and she’s reduced to barking to say hello.  The concrete drain is filled with water not going anywhere.

And of course every weed and seedling is competing for fast growth records.  I’d say the oxalis have it, but there’s another tiny weed now covering the vegetable patch, which I’ve been pulling up through the lucerne mulch in little fingertip handfuls, nipping away at it like a rabbit. What with this and the resurgent dandelions, the rain has tipped the balance against me.

But here’s the thing: when the stevia seedling died and turned into a small bundle of thin sticks, I was both too disappointed and too lazy to rip it out.  This morning I looked closely, and with all the rain it’s put out new growth around the base.  I picked off a leaf and chewed it to be sure it wasn’t the mystery weed.

So, another win for lazy gardening.  That has to be good.

To celebrate, I went to the front porch and pruned the buddleia, and didn’t tidy up the clippings.



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