About turning the compost

Turning a compost heap with a fork or a screw is absorbing, hard work. It reminds you of things you put in the compost months before, and reveals how time has worked on them. Compost is forgiving: any neglected or stagnant heap will improve almost immediately if you turn it.

This is a blog about trying to find the balance between work and life.


One response to “About turning the compost

  1. The very best aspect of the compost heap, like life, is its serendipity. Last year, I lifted easily a dozen volunteer heirloom tomato plants from the heap to move into the tomato bed and, most magical of all, found a lovely cantaloupe vine flourishing at the top of the mound with four perfect melons waiting for me when I got back from vacation in August. Marigolds, cosmos, zinnias, cone flowers, a little white birch seedling, old-timey hollyhocks, iridescent lizards…there’s always something wonderful turning up in the compost heap.

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